Polyethylene foam planks

Polyethylene foam planks are the perfect cushioning material for various types of surface protection and valuable product protection.


Material is perfect for use as a protective barrier in shock absorbing and packaging applications. Polyethylene foam is lightweight, due to flexibility of the material it is versatile in use and easy to transport.

In packing industry foam planks are perfect cushioning material for different kind of surfaces protection, valuable products protection (precision instruments, medical equipments, art pieces, automotive and machinery spare parts, electronic components etc.)

Material ir very durable and versatile, is used for protecting equipment and materials requiring excellent shock absorption during transportation.

Polyethylene foam planks are commonly used in manufacturing, e.g. as sports mats, kneeling pads, insulation materials, etc.

Polyethylene foam plank is easy to fabricate.

Main characteristics

  • Lightweight
  • Soft and flexible
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Excellent cushioning properties
  • Versatility

Product showcase

  • Image of Polyethylene foam planks product
  • Image of Polyethylene foam planks product
  • Image of Polyethylene foam planks product

Technical information

Technology Closed cell low density (non-crosslinked) polyethylene foam
Density 18 - 35 kg/m³
Thickness 15.0 mm - 100.0 mm
Width* (min, max) 100 mm - 1200 mm
Length* (min, max) 100 mm - 2400 mm
Recycling 100% recyclable
Colour ESD

* Custom sizes are available to special order

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